This page features several recent projects that highlight our capability in EMV payment processing. Explore how we helped transport providers and retailers to improve service delivery while reducing costs.

Preview Regensburg and cEMV payments
Switchio in Regensburg
Regensburg, Germany - In an exciting collaboration, Stadtwerk.Mobilität, the city's public transit agency, has joined forces with industry leaders Mastercard, Mikroelektronika, Finaro, and Switchio to elevate the convenience and efficiency of Regensburg's public transit network to new heights!
Preview BKK Budapest & Switchio
Switchio in Budapest
In cooperation with Mastercard and K&H, the public transport operator in Budapest, BKK, has commenced a pilot scheme for an innovative contactless fare payment platform powered by Switchio.
Preview Payter & Switchio
Payter, a Netherlands-based manufacturer of contactless payment terminals, is tapping into Switchio’s comprehensive retail solution to further its mission of combining innovative technologies in the creation of sustainable, secure, and future proof payment solutions.
Preview Panama & Switchio
Switchio in Panama
Passengers on both lines of the metro system in Panama City, Panama, are seeing firsthand the benefits of modernization in public transit. Known as account-based ticketing, the innovative solution greatly increases passenger convenience by streamlining the fare payment process while eliminating the need for conventional paper tickets
Preview Fertagus & Switchio - cEMV Payments in Public Transportation
Switchio in Lisboa
The digitalization of payments in public transit is underway in Lisbon, Portugal. Passengers on Fertagus, a commuter rail line connecting the city centre with the suburb of Setúbal, no longer have to purchase tickets in advance. Instead, they simply pick their destination, tap their bank card or smart device on an electronic validator, and away they go.
Preview Switchio in Budapest
Budapest, 3 NOV 2022: BKK Centre for Budapest Transport is taking yet another step forward in its digital transformation. Teaming up with Mastercard, Switchio by Monet+, and K&H, the company has begun laying the groundwork for testing of an innovative contactless fare collection solution that has already brought numerous advantages to public transport systems throughout the world, including financial savings, greater efficiency, and an enhanced passenger experience.

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