This page features several recent projects that highlight our capability in EMV payment processing. Explore how we helped transport providers and retailers to improve service delivery while reducing costs.

cEMV payments -  the world of culture and arts
Going cashless
Switchio’s technology and new partnerships are helping to digitize the world of culture and arts. By making digital payments at music festivals and other cultural events more accessible, we are helping to make your next night out worry-free.
Guatemala and cEMV transport payments
cEMV in Guatemala City
With population growth comes the need to satisfy travellers who want to go anywhere anytime and as cheaply as possible. Cities can solve this dilemma by using contactless EMV transport payments, as Guatemala City has recently done. What does the solution entail and what benefits will the Switchio payment platform bring to the city?
Switchio in Prague - EMV contactless bank cards
Prague Solution
In cooperation with Czechia’s largest commercial bank CSOB, Switchio is improving the way commuters in Prague and other Czech cities pay for public transport.
Tychy Transport solution
Tychy in Poland
With the help of the Switchio platform, commuters in the Polish city of Tychy can now enjoy the comfort and speed of contactless payments on the city’s buses and trolleybuses.
Ostrava Public transport - cEMV bank cards
Public transport in Ostrava
Efforts to streamline public transport services through digitalization are being spearheaded throughout the world. With more people moving to cities and relying on public transport services, there is a need to improve logistics and to make outdated fare collection systems more efficient through contactless ticketing.
cEMV transport payments in Lagos
cEMV in Lagos
We have enabled EMV contactless cards payments in public transport buses in Lagos, Nigeria. In cooperation with our partners Mikroelektronika and Sterling Bank we have implemented first such solution on African continent.

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