Switchio EV-C

A fast, simple way to modernize closed-loop EV charging terminals with universal open-loop acceptance of EMV payment cards.

Switchio EV Charging Stations

Integrate EMV-ready terminal with Internet connectivity in a wireless and easy way. Everything is managed in the cloud.

POS device options
acquirer connections
convenience and security of the cloud
compliance with EU regulations (AFIR)

How it works

Switchio EV Core is a cloud-based solution for cEMV acceptance at EV charge points. It supports multi-acquirer transaction routing and can be easily integrated into various payment terminals. Our open-loop payment solution in EV charging is ready for: hardware producers - providers - operators - integrators.

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Switchio EV-Core
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EV-C Advantages
The Switchio

EV-C Advantages

Switchio's platform for cEMV acceptance is your fast track to compliance with the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR). Beginning in 2024, CPOs in the EU must offer ad hoc charging and easy open-loop payment options.

Switchio Advantage Unified payment platform
Unified payment platform

Our centralized open-loop platform gives charge point users the unmatched convenience of fast bank card payments. Operators enjoy increased efficiency thanks to having all cashless payments pooled within a single secure system that supports all major credit cards.

Switchio Advantage Centralized processing of payments
Centralized payment processing

Switchio covers all of your payment processing needs, including management of your terminal network and software, as well as transaction processing and central reporting. Our system also provides support for transaction clearance and settlement.

Switchio Advantage Cost optimalization
Cost optimization

With Switchio, you can lower operating costs by using a unified POS device network, easily switching between acquirers, and optimizing transaction routing. One payment terminal can serve up to 10 charging points.

Switchio Advantage Uncompromised cybersecurity
Uncompromised cybersecurity

In addition to AFIR compliance, our interoperable technical framework ensures secure EMV payment processing per PCI DSS standards with guaranteed 24/7 availability.

Switchio Advantage Easy integration
Open API & Easy integration

Switchio is a cloud-based, open-architecture platform, making it easy to integrate with existing payment systems, terminal apps, back office infrastructure, and charge network management system.

Switchio Advantage Intuitive mechant portal
Hardware independence

You can choose from multiple hardware options and add more in the future.



  • Full 24/7 support
  • Open protocol towards EVC back-end providers
  • Acquirer-independent solution (possibility of choosing, changing, and combining multiple banks).
  • CLOUD solution fully compliant and certified with major card brands (Mastercard, VISA).
EV power stations
Switchio EV- Charging

Our terminal app is designed for a smooth integration of universal cEMV payments into your charge point network.

Open-loop payments solution is ready for

AFIR is here

Are your EV charge points compliant?

Bring your EV charging business up to speed with Switchio's AFIR-compliant cloud solution. Integration is fast and requires no major changes to existing hardware.

  • Full AFIR compliance
  • Tailored EMV payment experience
  • Complete control over transaction flow
Interested in Switchio EV Core?

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Switchio is your gateway to compliance with EU-mandated acceptance of open-loop payments at all public charging points.

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FAQ: Getting started with Switchio EV Core

We're currently using closed-loop payments and want to introduce cEMV acceptance. How can Switchio help?

Switchio's cloud solution offers fast, easy integration of cEMV acceptance at both new and existing charging points. 

How long does it usually take to set up?

The Switchio payment app comes ready to run on most major HW brands, and our open API makes for swift integration with other third-party solutions

Does each charging point need to have its own separate terminal?

Yes and no. Our solution lets you operate up to ten charging points with a single terminal, but there may be benefits to keeping them separate. Switchio EV Core is scalable to your needs.

Hardware options

Our payment app can be quickly integrated in a wide variety of hardware devices, with a single terminal serving up to five charging stands.

Specific types of hardware compatible with our payment application include: Pax IM25 and IM30, IDTECH 6800 and 6825, Ingenico Self 2000, and Nexgo UN20. Additional devices can be added at any time.

Ask Our Experts

Our sales experts are ready to answer all your questions and recommend suitable products and solutions.

Petra Machalkova - Switchio EV-C
Petra Machalkova
Account Manager EV Charging

Supported solutions

Switchio works with a wide range of acquirers for both local and international card schemes and lets you quickly add new ones as the needs of your business dictate. This helps you achieve optimal transaction routing and lower processing fees.

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