Switchio EV-C

A fast, simple way to modernize closed-loop EV charging terminals with universal open-loop acceptance of EMV payment cards.

Switchio EV Charging Stations

Thanks to Switchio EV Core, you can easily integrate EMV-ready terminals without major technological modifications or extra cables. It all happens online in the cloud.

POS device options
acquirer connections
convenience and security of the cloud
compliance with EU regulations (AFIR)

How it works

Switchio EV Core lets CPOs offer a seamless, unified payment experience to different types of customers (EMV, fleet cards, mobile credit, paywell eToll) on a single type of POS terminal. Tokenized transactions are preauthorized and routed to multiple acquirers, resulting in greater efficient and lower processing costs.

Payment methods
Payment terminals
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  • 15+ connected acquirers
  • acquirer independence
EV-C Advantages
The Switchio

EV-C Advantages

Switchio’s extensive experience with EMV payments gives it a sizeable head start in the gradual merger of EV charging and conventional fuelling stations. We deliver a fully scalable solution complete with software and configured hardware for acceptance of a wide range of contactless payment methods.

Switchio Advantage Unified payment platform
Unified payment platform

Our centralized platform brings freedom to any service station network by pooling all cashless payments into one secure system. We support all major credit cards, 95% of European fuel card schemes, mobile credit top-up, toll payments, and various loyalty/benefit schemes.

Switchio Advantage Centralized processing of payments
Centralized payment processing

Switchio covers all of your payment processing needs, including management of your terminal network and software, as well as transaction processing and central reporting. Our system also provides support for transaction clearance and settlement.

Switchio Advantage Cost optimalization
Cost optimization

With Switchio you can lower your operating costs by easily switching between acquirers, taking advantage of a unified POS device network, and adjusting routing rules in order to direct transactions to your preferred acquirer/processor.

Switchio Advantage Uncompromised cybersecurity
Uncompromised cybersecurity

We deliver safe electronic transaction processing per PCI DSS EMV standards with guaranteed 24/7 access. Our interoperable technical framework guarantees secure processing for everyone: acquirers, merchants, card issues and cardholders.

Switchio Advantage Easy integration
Easy integration

Switchio is delivered as an open architecture platform, making it easy to integrate with your existing payments systems, including electronic cash registers, payment terminal applications, and admin and customer portals.

Switchio Advantage Intuitive mechant portal
Intuitive merchant portal

Our portal provides transaction information and data analytics in one secure location. It features information on operations performed on all terminals and offers a wide range of intuitive reports.



  • 24/7 support
  • indoor and outdoor terminals (outdoor terminals remain operational when the retail part of a service station is closed)
  • payment solutions for automated fuel dispensers (AFDs)
  • loyalty and discount schemes
EV power stations
Switchio Petrol

Imagine being able to accept a wide range of cards on one payment terminal. Multiple payment cards won’t slow you down.


Retail portal

The retail portal provides transaction information and analytics in one secure location. User-friendly widgets and dashboards deliver live data and intuitive reporting about transactions across hundreds of service stations.

Switchio retail portal with all transactions
Select fuel schemes

There’s no limit to where we can go

Switchio works with a broad range of fuel payment schemes, and we are regularly adding new ones. Our technology knows no limits.

Petrol Payments
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Switchio is your gateway to compliance with EU-mandated acceptance of open-loop payments at all public charging stations.

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Petra Machalkova
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Supported solutions

Safe authorization of all issuer cards coupled with the ability to include new issuers within a matter of weeks. We currently support 95 % of the most common fuel card schemes in the EU.

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