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The comprehensive payment platform for merchants, ISO partners, payment facilitators and acquirers.

Switchio Retail

Cashless transactions are becoming the preferred payment option around the globe. Switchio makes going cashless possible.

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How it works

Switchio helps merchants, ISO partners and payment facilitators manage their electronic transactions through one secure platform.

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Switchio Retail Advantage
The Switchio

Retail Advantage

Our platform covers a wide array of payment options and large transaction volumes. With acquirer flexibility and payment choice, Switchio Retail is defining the future of payment processing.

Switchio Retail Advantage Unified payment platform
Unified payment platform

Our centralized platform brings freedom to any merchant network by pooling all cashless payments into one secure, easy-to-manage system. We support all major credit cards and various loyalty/benefit payment schemes.

Switchio Retail Advantage Centralized processing of payments
Centralized processing of payments

Our system covers all of your payment processing needs, including terminal network and software management, transaction processing, and central reporting. We also provide support for transaction clearance and settlement.

Switchio Retail Advantage Cost optimalization
Cost optimization

With Switchio you can lower your operating costs by easily switching between acquirers, taking advantage of a unified POS device network, and adjusting routing rules to your preferred acquirer/processor.

Switchio Retail Advantage Device-agnostic
Device-agnostic solution

Switchio Retail supports 70+ pre-certified point-of-sale (POS) devices including the newest Android platforms. We can also easily accommodate POS devices preferred by our clients.

Switchio Retail Advantage Uncompromised cybersecurity
Uncompromised cybersecurity

We deliver safe electronic transaction processing per PCI DSS EMV standards with guaranteed 24/7 access. Our interoperable framework guarantees secure processing for acquirers, merchants, card issues and cardholders.

Switchio Retail Advantage Easy integration
Easy integration

Switchio Retail is delivered as an open architecture platform, making it easy to integrate with your existing payments systems, including electronic cash registers, payment terminal applications, and admin and customer portals.

Switchio Retail Advantage Intuitive mechant portal
Intuitive retail portal

The retail portal provides transaction information and data analytics in one secure location. It features information on operations performed on all client terminals and offers a wide range of intuitive reports.

Switchio Retail Advantage White label solution
White label solution

Boost your business by using our switch under your brand. Our ready-made service can be deployed within a short timeframe and is suitable for all acquirers, ISO partners and payment facilitators.

Switchio Retail

Imagine being able to accept a wide range of cards on one payment terminal. Imagine the efficiency and savings.


Retail portal

The retail portal provides transaction information and analytics in one secure location. User-friendly widgets and dashboards deliver valuable data and intuitive reports.

Switchio Retail portal


Switchio payment app
From online to brick and mortar shops
A payment gateway with over 50 payment methods, 100 online platforms for easy integration, and 7,000 satisfied customers across Czechia and Slovakia – these are some of ComGate’s impressive numbers. Now the payment gateway is developing its own network of payment terminals, and Switchio’s PAYA app is there to make it possible. Find out what contactless payments mean for ComGate and what benefits they bring.
Sailing cashfree on Scenic cruises
Sailing cashfree on Scenic cruises
Not even water stands in the way of digitalisation. Switchio has partnered with Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours to offer contactless payments on Scenic cruises, making it easier than ever before to pay for Scenic’s renowned luxury experience!

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