Tokenization services

Tokenization services consist of a tokenization processor and a tokenization gateway. The API system is accessed by the carrier, and the e-shop of the carrier is connected to the tokenization gate.

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Switchio Tokenization services

Payment Tokenization Services proven in

Transport industry - inspection control
Retail - payment applications
Loyalty schemes - cardholder unique identification
Parking - electronic ticketing.

Tokenization gateway

It is ready for the transport industry and loyalty schemes. The token processor keeps sensitive data in the database in a secure manner: identifier values, token keys are safely stored in the HSM and performs token identifiers. The token gateway is designed with responsive behavior and use on desktop and mobile devices.

  • Payment card tokenization based on applied cryptography and secure key management
  • Improved security for merchants
  • Secure interoperability with third parties
Switchio Tokenization services gateway

Tokenization app

The tokenization application implements an interface through which the application can be used by third-party applications on the same device.

Switchio Tokenization application is ready for OS Android.

Switchio Tokenization services gateway
  • API to calculate the token from the sold input data
  • Detection of EMV cards and subsequent token calculation
  • Multilanguage, multicurrency
  • Integration with TMS for secure key exchange (TTK, TEK, TMK) and full remote control & configuration
  • Simple API integration with 3rd party application
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