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Switchio helps you manage all your electronic payments under one flexible system

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Fee optimization

Each month we process millions of payments in the transport, parking and retail sectors, lowering costs for providers and enabling faster, flexible and more economical payment options for commuters and retail customers.

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No paper tickets, cheaper fare options, lower operating costs – tap and go technology makes travel on public transport easier than ever before.

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No more parking tickets to print or validate – contactless payment technology lets motorists enter parking facilities with a simple tap of their card

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Our flexible payment platform empowers retailers to take charge of their payment processing and helps them save on transaction fees. 

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How it works

Our platform processes payments made with systems like smart cards, smartphones and other mobile devices on various payment terminals used in the transport, parking and retail sectors. Our custom-designed solutions are provided in the form of Software as a Service (Saas) in a PCI DSS-certified environment.

Payment methods
Payment terminals
  • transport
  • parking
  • retail
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  • multi-acquiring support
  • routing rule adjustment (15+ acquirers)
  • acquirer independence

Switchio technology

We offer a ready-made, robust software platform for secure payment processing. Our white label solution is suitable for partnerships with public transport operators, parking facilities, retail chains, banks and payment facilitators.

Switchio Advantage
The Switchio


Contactless payments are fast becoming the preferred payment option: they are quick, easy and safe to use. Explore the Switchio advantage and get on board with the future of payment processing.

Comprehensive, seamless EMV platform
Comprehensive, seamless EMV platform

Our platform integrates all payment and ticketing modes into one seamless, transparent system. Integration lowers operating costs and enables efficient pricing models.

Interoperability and independence
Interoperability and independence

Our payment switch connects to almost any hardware in the transport, retail and parking sectors and gives you the freedom to choose or combine your preferred banking partners. 

Fast, scalable deployment
Fast, scalable deployment

Our IT specialists can deliver a comprehensive payment platform within three months. Our solution is fully scalable and adaptable to your growing needs.

Value added services
Value added services

Our fully flexible solution is able to incorporate value added services such as rewards and loyalty programs or merchant business analytics. 

White label solution
White label solution

Our payment platform is available as a white label solution. We offer fully customizable partnerships with advanced development services.

Uncompromised cybersecurity
Uncompromised cybersecurity

Our secure platform is PCI DSS certified and fully compliant with VISA MTT and Mastercard PAYG security standards. 


You’re sitting in your car at a service station, waiting to fill up and thinking about getting something to eat or drink. Before COVID you wouldn’t think twice about walking into the services station and paying for your ‘fill-ups’ in cash. But during a pandemic you’re not so sure. How can service stations respond to your dilemma? The answer lies in contactless payments. Discover the advantages of contactless payment systems for service stations the world over.
Tokenization is superseding encryption as the way to keep your data and payments secure. Explore the benefits of this data protection method and why tokenization is critical if retailers and transit providers want to provide contactless payment options.
Kamil Hanáček
Kamil Hanáček
Switchio Executive Director

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“Choosing the Switchio platform from MONET+ was the best decision we could have made. Several of my senior team members have told me that if we hadn’t chosen Switchio, our project would have run into problems.”

Kelechi Nwaoba, Group Head, Sterling Bank Plc, Lagos, Nigeria

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