This page features several recent projects that highlight our capability in EMV payment processing. Explore how we helped transport providers and retailers to improve service delivery while reducing costs.

Preview Switchio in Bavaria - IDBT
IDBT in Bavaria
After months of careful planning and preparation, and in cooperation with Mastercard, Telematrik, and Mikroelektronika, Switchio is pleased to announce the launch of ID-based ticketing (IDBT) in Freyung-Grafenau, Germany. This exciting project is on track to give passengers in the region an entirely new transit experience, one with a focus on convenience thanks to simplified digital ticketing.
Preview Reuse and digitalisation of payments
Switchio & Tomra
What if you could do something positive for the environment every time you get a beer at a festival or bring dinner home in a takeaway box? If it sounds far-fetched, then think again.
Preview Switchio in Budapest
Budapest's digital transformation continues
Budapest, Hungary – The digital transformation of the public transit network in Budapest has been expanded to the city’s metro system, the oldest electric underground railway in the world. In the summer of 2023, commuters in Budapest using the 100E airport shuttle bus became the first in the country to experience the unparalleled ease and speed of digital ticketing when the public transport operator, BKK, introduced Pay&Go, a revolutionary way to ride based on Switchio’s innovative platform for contactless EMV payments.
Preview Switchio in Regensburg
Regensburg project enters phase two
We’re excited to announce that our open-loop ticketing project in Regensburg, Germany, which we’ve undertaken in partnership with the public transport operator Das Stadtwerk Regensburg, Mastercard, Mikroelektronika, and Finaro, has entered its second phase with rollout of the system on five test buses of das Stadtwerk.Mobilität.
Preview Switchio in Slovakia
Switchio in Slovakia
In November, Banská Bystrica, the sixth largest region in Slovakia by area, joined a rapidly growing number of European cities and regions moving steadily towards universal adoption of contactless payments. Public transit operator IDS BB has launched an innovative project that is dramatically changing the way passengers on the regions transit network pay to ride, transforming their bank card into their ticket thanks to Switchio’s comprehensive cEMV payment solution.
Preview Switchio in Ljubljana, Transit ticketing solution
Switchio in Ljubljana
At the beginning of November, Ljubljana, Slovenia’s picturesque capital, will be taking a major leap forward in the modernization of its public transportation system. In partnership with Switchio, Mastercard, Margento, NLB and other industry leaders, the city’s public transit operator, LPP, is gearing up to give riders an entirely new level of convenience and accessibility with open-loop ticketing. The project marks the very first deployment in Slovenia.

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