Card Management System

The Switchio card management system enables card and transaction management, built on a robust infrastructure.

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Switchio Card Management System

Card Management System

For retail chains, merchants, and service providers, our end-to-end solution involves the issue of smart cards, or magnetic-stripe or multi-application cards, which are acquired in closed loop systems by a flexible range of accepted issuers and acquirers. Of course, transparent management of the cards and terminals, and delivery of an intuitive reporting portal or API, are the norm.

Account core module

The Switchio card management system enables card and transaction management, built on a robust infrastructure.

Card personalization service

In-house personalization and distribution of cards. Comprehensive personalization services for smart, magnetic-strip or multi-application cards.

Switchio Card Management System Card personalization service
    Personalization data can be written to the following:
    • EMV cards
    • Contact and contactless smart cards
    • Magnetic-stripe cards
    • Multi-application cards (such as those for entry, meals, authentication and print functions – in one card)

    We offer comprehensive services, from the physical design of cards and secure digital personalization of them, to graphical printing with embossing, indenting, thermal-printing, or laser-engraving technology. Our team will connect the cards to a carrier, sort and wrap them, print out PIN envelopes, and distribute them to the specified addresses.

    We ensure the secure transfer of personalization data in accordance with PCI standards.

    Personalization Center with MasterCard and VISA Certification.

    • In-house software development, physical personalization and card distribution.
    • We have delivered more than 8 million cards to our customers.
    • Our own development and expertise gained through over 20 years of experience.
    • Stability and reliable service support.
    • A local team with high availability and an understanding of your business.

    We have delivered more than 8 million cards to our customers. We offer a complete service from choosing the design and chip, with magnetic or multi-application cards, to the secure digital personalization of various types of cards to emboss, indent, thermoprint, or laser engraving.


    HCE - virtual card solution

    Virtualize cards on smartphones with our HCE app. Solutions allow you to use your electronic payment card on your mobile. A security concept, which guarantees adequate security for activation and payment with non-banking cards in mobile phone with the NFC interface and Android OS.

    Switchio Card Management System HCE

    Modular key functions of HCE mobile phone application

    • Transaction history visualization
    • Card activation/deactivation
    • PIN change (if supports CMS)
    • Card management options for the issuer
    • Interactive map with points of acceptance, etc.
    • Closed payment system for account identity management
    • Merchant Card Acceptance


    • Integration with existing IT systems
    • Online portal for card management and configuration
    • Flexible utilization
    • When personal data are prepared for physical cards, a profile of the emulated card is automatically generated on the HCE cloud server

    Switchio HCE for DOXX Virtual Card

    Emulation of the smart card, DOXX Card in a mobile phone with NFC support. Optional payment via an emulated DOXX Card in a mobile phone at standard banking terminals, with support…

    Switchio Card Management System with NFC support
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