Switchio® HCE – DOXX Virtual Card

HCE Smart Mobile Card – DOXX
HCE Smart Mobile Card – DOXX Virtual Card DOXX - Stravné lístky, spol. s r.o. Implementation period since the year 2017

The customer and their requirement

DOXX – Stravné lístky issues plastic DOXX Card smart cards, which enable the drawing of the following benefits:

  • e-meal vouchers
  • e-benefit gift vouchers
  • recreational vouchers.

The aim of the project

  • to enable payment at a standard POS terminal using a mobile phone
  • to enable persons other than the holder of the plastic version of the DOXX Card to use it for payment - the emulated card can be loaded onto any number of mobile phones
  • to allow for online checks of the card balance, and other operations with the activated card
  • to present DOXX – Stravné lístky as a modern, progressive company which successfully employs new technology in its business

Supplied solution

Personalisation of emulated (virtual) DOXX Card meal voucher cards in mobile phones.

Properties of the supplied solution:

  • application for payment by mobile phone with NFC
  • a security concept which guarantees adequate security for the activation of and payment with an electronic meal voucher card using a mobile phone with an NFC interface and Android OS, support and further development of the mobile application.

The solution uses several elements and modules of the Switchio® platform:

  • HCE cloud server
  • mobile application
  • personalization
  • HSM and SFTP server

HCE cloud server - this is the main part of the entire HCE SMC system. The HCE cloud server runs in a highly secure environment that is available 24/7. The HCE cloud server securely stores and distributes information used for the emulation of the cards in mobile devices.

HCE SDK - ensures secure communication with the HCE cloud server.

APP - mobile applications - mobile applications which contain the card issuer’s required business functions - plus the functions connected with the emulation of the card (the application includes HCE SDK). The mobile application on the Android platform implements the methods provided by the HCE SDK. The mobile application is responsible for activating the emulated card and the payment itself.

Card management system - the cards, and the balances on them, are stored here. Payment transactions are carried out via an authorization channel from the Acquirer’s terminal to the Card Issuer’s CMS. A closed payment system used for the management of account identities, the cards assigned to them, balances etc.

Benefits of the supplied solution

DOXX – Stravné lístky presented itself as a progressive company which offers its customers new technology. Payment by mobile phone serves both as support for the further expansion of payment by electronic benefit voucher, and as marketing support for communication with the customer for DOXX – Stravné lístky.

We’ve been collaborating with MONET + for several years. The deliveries of our cards were always precise, and corresponded to our requirements. That’s why, in the case of the “Card In Your Mobile” function, we didn’t even think about a different supplier. MONET+ supplies not just the service itself, but also added value in the area of consultation, with their ideas and recommendations. A reliable and functional service is the best recommendation. If we could go back in time, we would definitely choose MONET + again.

Mr Branislav Ondoš, MSc
Operations Director
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Monet+ is pleased to announce an exciting new collaboration between two of its key divisions, Switchio and ProID. Today, digitalization and security are key to success in most types of business. This partnership represents a major milestone in the company’s efforts to advance digitalization and security to new levels, with each division providing unique experience and expertise.