Switchio Transport

An open-loop, account-based ticketing solution that gives passengers complete freedom of mobility with a single tap of their EMV bank card or virtual wallet.

Switchio Transport

Contactless ticketing drives ridership growth by making public transit more accessible and convenient. A universal solution for the world’s travellers, it increases revenues while reducing the expense of fare collection.

POS device options
EMV transaction speed
up to 85% operating cost reduction
fare models

How it works

Passengers tap their contactless EMV bankcard, smartphone, or other device on validators in stations and vehicles, and the system calculates the best fare based on level of usage. Switchio’s payment switch then optimizes payment transfers between transport providers and acquirers/payment processors.

Payment methods
Payment terminals
Switchio switcher
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Payment Processors
Switchio Transport Advantage
The Switchio

Transport Advantage

A ready-made, robust solution for contactless payments in public transport, Switchio Transport reduces operating costs for transport providers and enhances commuter satisfaction and comfort. 

Switchio Transport Contactless EMV Payments
Contactless EMV payments

We integrate contactless payments with other modes of ticketing, ensuring simple and secure management of tokens and line occupancy.

Switchio Transport Lower Operating Costs
Lower operating cost

We lower operating costs by up to 85% through savings derived from paperless ticketing, fewer transactions, and the flexibility of using multiple acquirers.

Switchio Transport Uncompromised Cybersecurity
Uncompromised Cybersecurity

Our PCI DSS-certified payment gateway delivers uncompromised security of payment processing, including tokenization of personal data.  

Switchio Transport Interoperability

Our EMV payment software is compatible with any automated fare collection (AFC) solution and can easily be connected to existing or third-party validators.

Switchio Transport Portal
Transport web portal

The transport portal provides transaction information and analytics in one secure location. User-friendly widgets and dashboards deliver valuable data and intuitive reports. 

Switchio Freedom to choose your Acquirer
Freedom to choose your acquirer

We offer direct host-to-host connection to any acquirer/processing centre across the globe. Our connections are fast and flexible and offer providers the freedom of choice. 

Switchio Fast Implementation
Fast implementation

Switchio Transport can be implemented quickly thanks to its API and Software as a Service (SaaS) model. We can deliver a flexible EMV system with L3 certification within three months. 

Switchio White-label Solution
White label solution

Our switch can operate under your brand. We offer fully customizable partnerships with advanced development services that meet the needs of public transport providers. 



  • Low initial investment and variable pricing models
  • Compatibility with Mifare/Desfire transport cards
  • PCI DSS terminal management system that enables us to control our software remotely on all supported terminals
Switchio Transport Aditional
Switchio Transport

Watch & Explore

Passengers in public transit want faster boarding and transparent fares; cEMV payments make it easy.

Switchio Transport

Switchio Transport delivers operating cost savings of up to 85%.


Transport Portal

The transport portal provides transaction information and analytics in one secure location. User-friendly widgets and dashboards deliver valuable data and intuitive reports. 

Switchio Transport Transport Portal
Switchio Multimodularity

Flexible Backend Architecture

With our highly modular connections, providers and operators can swiftly and flexibly set up the services, gaining the freedom to deploy our products wherever demand arises.

Switchio Backend Architecture
Mitigates fare evasion impact

Switchio Inspection App

Use any NFC-enabled Android mobile device to verify fare payment. Because the app eliminates the need for special PCI-compliant hardware, it represents a highly cost-effective solution.

Switchio’s back office determines a passenger’s ride validity by checking their cEMV card against a list of known taps with denylist status and travel history.

Switchio Inspection App
The Switchio

Global Reach

Switchio Transport facilitates contactless fare collection in Europe, Central America, and West Africa. Our experience allows us to partner effectively across geographic and cultural boundaries. 

Switchio Transport Global Reach
PDF Factsheet

Want to learn more about Switchio Transport?

Contactless payments represent a significant milestone in the modernization of public transport. Learn more about Switchio Transport by downloading our factsheet or contacting one of our sales managers. 

Switchio Transport


Preview Switchio in Bavaria - IDBT
IDBT in Bavaria
After months of careful planning and preparation, and in cooperation with Mastercard, Telematrik, and Mikroelektronika, Switchio is pleased to announce the launch of ID-based ticketing (IDBT) in Freyung-Grafenau, Germany. This exciting project is on track to give passengers in the region an entirely new transit experience, one with a focus on convenience thanks to simplified digital ticketing.
Preview Switchio in Budapest
Budapest's digital transformation continues
Budapest, Hungary – The digital transformation of the public transit network in Budapest has been expanded to the city’s metro system, the oldest electric underground railway in the world. In the summer of 2023, commuters in Budapest using the 100E airport shuttle bus became the first in the country to experience the unparalleled ease and speed of digital ticketing when the public transport operator, BKK, introduced Pay&Go, a revolutionary way to ride based on Switchio’s innovative platform for contactless EMV payments.

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Supported solutions

We integrate with smart terminals from multiple providers for acceptance device and back-office integrations. To see the full list of supported hardware, click here.

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