Budapest public transit network continues digital transformation with trial of Pay&Go technology

Switchio in Budapest
BKK Budapest & Switchio

In cooperation with Mastercard and K&H, the public transport operator in Budapest, BKK, has commenced a pilot scheme for an innovative contactless fare payment platform powered by Switchio.

As of 20 June 2023, passengers on the 100E airport shuttle bus are the first commuters in the country to enjoy the unmatched speed and convenience of cEMV payments in public transportation.

The trial follows a successful pilot phase and marks a major step in the ongoing digital transformation of public transit in the Hungarian capital. The data obtained in the trial will help refine the solution prior to widescale deployment.

Situated on the banks of the mighty Danube, Budapest is a vibrant, bustling European metropolis.

The city serves as Hungary’s political, economic, cultural, and historical centre, with a dynamic blend of past and present making it an attractive destination not only for foreign tourists but for many Hungarians as well.

Switchio in Budapest

The city’s public transport system is efficient, cost-effective, and reliable.

Metro lines, trams, buses, trolleybuses, and trains serve most areas of the city proper and its sprawling suburbs. The combination of various transportation modes allows residents and visitors to travel quickly and comfortably throughout the city.

Public Transit in Budapest

How does Budapest Pay&Go work?

Switchio’s innovative cEMV payment technology lets riders on the 100E airport shuttle bus use their bank card, smartphone, or smart wearable to pay their fare. The system requires no prior steps, such as registration or download of a special app. Passengers simply climb on board, place their bank card or smart device over the digital terminal, and away they go. The technology turns their bank card, virtual or physical, into their ticket.

Whereas other systems require passengers to first purchase a ticket online and then validate it in separate operations, Pay&Go does it all in one lightning-fast step. Moreover, in the event of an inspection, passengers simply present their bank card the way they would a paper ticket under the old system.

The project is part of BKK’s continued efforts to provide its passengers with an improved user experience while advancing ecofriendly public transportation with paperless digital solutions.

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