Reshaping public transit in Ljubljana with open-loop ticketing

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Switchio in Ljubljana, Transit ticketing solution

At the beginning of November, Ljubljana, Slovenia’s picturesque capital, will be taking a major leap forward in the modernization of its public transportation system. In partnership with Switchio, Mastercard, Margento, NLB and other industry leaders, the city’s public transit operator, LPP, is gearing up to give riders an entirely new level of convenience and accessibility with open-loop ticketing. The project marks the very first deployment in Slovenia.

It doesn’t get any easier than Tap&Go

The public transit network in Ljubljana is used by some 80,000 people every day. Soon, passengers will no longer be limited to closed-loop transit cards. Instead, they’ll be able to literally tap into the network using their bankcard or NFC-enabled smart device, which will then serve as their ticket. 

Open-loop ticketing is good business sense

There are plenty of benefits for Ljubljana’s public transit operator, too, namely a reduced administrative and financial burden associated with fare collection. Contactless EMV fare payments often result in better ridership and increased revenues. Moreover, Ljubljana is a popular travel destination, and open-loop ticketing will let tourists use their foreign bankcards to easily access the transit network, saving them the hassle of buying special tourist passes and deciphering confusing fare charts.

Switchio in numbers

A modern solution for a modern city

The switch to open-loop payments in Ljubljana represents a significant advancement in the city’s efforts to improve the accessibility, efficiency, and sustainability of its public transit network. With key partners and cutting-edge technology, the project promises to revolutionize the way residents and visitors travel around the city, ultimately creating a more connected and sustainable experience for everyone.

'As the Business Development Manager at Margento R&D, a leading Slovenian technology firm specializing in Turnkey transit solutions for Public Transport Operators, I am pleased to announce the initiation of Slovenia’s first open-loop ticketing system in Ljubljana. This innovative step represents a pivotal advancement in urban mobility, mirroring the transformative impact we've observed in major cities globally. Our team has invested significant effort and dedication in realizing this project, and I extend my profound gratitude to our collaborators at Switchio for their exceptional partnership in this endeavor.' Mario Pirtovšek – Business Development Manager

At NLB, we’re well aware of the systemic role we have in Slovenia and in the markets of the Southeast Europe, where banks of the NLB Group are present. We’re extremely proud to be a partner in a project that will further improve the user experience of Ljubljana urban mobility. Our strategic goal is to offer innovative solutions that improve and facilitate people’s lives and thus co-create a better future. We’re not stopping here, as we have ambitious plans to offer similar modern solutions in other cities in Slovenia and the region. This project would not be possible without our partners; therefore I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for the great cooperation.

Simon Steinman
Assistant to the Member of the Management Board of the NLB d.d., the leading bank in Slovenia
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