This page features several recent projects that highlight our capability in EMV payment processing. Explore how we helped transport providers and retailers to improve service delivery while reducing costs.

Preview Switchio & Kevin
account-to-account payments
kevin., the next-generation payment tech infrastructure provider of direct, safe, and resilient end-to-end financial transactions, has partnered with Switchio by Monet+, an independent software platform managing thousands of payment terminals in Europe. As a result, kevin.’s account-to-account (A2A) payments will be available on all POS (point-of-sale) terminals connected to the Switchio platform.
Preview Switchio payment app
From online to brick and mortar shops
A payment gateway with over 50 payment methods, 100 online platforms for easy integration, and 7,000 satisfied customers across Czechia and Slovakia – these are some of ComGate’s impressive numbers. Now the payment gateway is developing its own network of payment terminals, and Switchio’s PAYA app is there to make it possible. Find out what contactless payments mean for ComGate and what benefits they bring.
Preview Sailing cashfree on Scenic cruises
Sailing cashfree on Scenic cruises
Not even water stands in the way of digitalisation. Switchio has partnered with Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours to offer contactless payments on Scenic cruises, making it easier than ever before to pay for Scenic’s renowned luxury experience!
Preview cEMV payments -  the world of culture and arts
Going cashless
Switchio’s technology and new partnerships are helping to digitize the world of culture and arts. By making digital payments at music festivals and other cultural events more accessible, we are helping to make your next night out worry-free.
Preview Guatemala and cEMV transport payments
cEMV in Guatemala City
With population growth comes the need to satisfy travellers who want to go anywhere anytime and as cheaply as possible. Cities can solve this dilemma by using contactless EMV transport payments, as Guatemala City has recently done. What does the solution entail and what benefits will the Switchio payment platform bring to the city?
Preview Switchio in Prague - EMV contactless bank cards
Prague Solution
In cooperation with Czechia’s largest commercial bank CSOB, Switchio is improving the way commuters in Prague and other Czech cities pay for public transport.

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