Payter and Switchio team up to advance the digitalization of payments

Payter & Switchio

Payter, a Netherlands-based manufacturer of contactless payment terminals, is  tapping into Switchio’s comprehensive retail solution to further its mission of  combining innovative technologies in the creation of sustainable, secure, and future proof payment solutions. 

First appearing in 2007, Payter quickly established itself as a pioneer in unattended  cashless transactions. Its P6x terminals can be found throughout Europe and North  America in a wide variety of vending points, from carwashes and petrol station vac  and air machines to laundromats, snack walls, coffee machines, casinos, public  
restrooms, and many more. 

Another important segment for Payter, one with enormous potential for growth, is EV  charging stations. In London, for example, the company supplies NFC terminals for  cEMV payments as part of a project marking the first step towards an open EV  charging market and representing an important milestone in the mass adoption of  e-mobility.  

In the first phase of the partnership, Switchio will be providing Payter with an array of  sophisticated tools to manage payments on the Payter Apollo and Payter ApolloMAX  terminals, game-changing devices that streamline the user experience and help  retailers boost revenues.  

Payter will be deploying the following Switchio modules: 

Payment Gateway – an authorization host for the secure handling of payments and routing of data to the correct acquirers    

Administration Portal – a helpdesk for managing payment problems (e.g. declined or incomplete transactions, reversals, etc.); the environment is entirely unique to the customer and complies fully with PCI DSS encryption requirements

Merchant Portal – a robust management tool providing retailers with transaction information and data analytics in a single location; it can be used to generate summaries, graphs, and comprehensive reports

Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT) – a key management system providing unmatched data protection in accordance with the ANSI X9.24 standard for PIN-based financial transactions

Payter’s CTO, Eric van Diggele, offered the following assessment of his company’s partnership with Switchio: “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their outstanding efforts in getting our terminals certified. I’ve spent many years working with gateways and acquirers on a wide variety of certification projects, and never have I seen this level of support. The knowledge and efficiency of everyone on the Switchio team has made this a great experience. So much so, in fact, that I feel it deserves special recognition and thanks.”

Overseeing the project on behalf of Switchio is Vladimír Kučerka. “Payter has long been a trendsetter in cashless payment technologies, and their terminals can be found in any number of applications requiring contactless payments. We’re very pleased that they have enlisted the help of Switchio to strengthen and accelerate their evolution as an industry leader.