As Switchio’s Regensburg project enters phase two, passengers tap into a new level

Regensburg project enters phase two
Switchio in Regensburg

We’re excited to announce that our open-loop ticketing project in Regensburg, Germany, which we’ve undertaken in partnership with the public transport operator Das Stadtwerk Regensburg, Mastercard, Mikroelektronika, and Finaro, has entered its second phase with rollout of the system on five test buses of das Stadtwerk.Mobilität.

This is an important milestone, as it introduces an ever greater level of carefree passenger convenience thanks to a groundbreaking new feature called Tap & Go.

A tap is all it takes

Whereas in the pilot phase of the project passengers had to manually select the type of fare they wanted on the electronic validator, from December 2023 onwards the ticketing experience is much easier.

Now passengers wishing to travel within a single zone simply tap their bank card on the validator, and the system does the rest. Thus, for single-zone travellers, manual fare selection is a thing of the past.

    “This is an important step in our ongoing digitalization efforts. It’s already having a positive impact not only on the way our customers interact with the system but also on their overall perception of the service we provide. The system is working very smoothly, and we’re very satisfied. I’d like to thank all our partners for their hard work and unwavering commitment to quality”.

    Manfred Koller
    CEO of Das Stadtwerk Regensburg
    Regensburg phase two

    Redefining the Public Transit Experience

    Commencement of the project’s second phase marks a fundamental shift in how passengers interact with the public transportation system. The Tap & Go feature not only streamlines the ticket purchase process but also adds a new layer of convenience that aligns with the evolving needs of modern commuters.

    The initiative aims to make public transportation more accessible and user-friendly for residents and visitors alike.

    On behalf of Switchio, the project is overseen Account Manager Hana Dlabajová: “If a project like this is going to hit a snag, it will usually be during the transition from one phase to the next. But that’s not the case here. Rollout of phase two has been remarkably smooth, and credit for that goes to all our colleagues at Das Stadwerk Regensburg, Mastercard, Mikroelektronika, and Finaro – thank you for helping us make this project a success!”

    Key parameters of Tap & Go

    • One tap activates price level one (single zone, adult ticket).
    • Ticket issued for the zone the passenger is in at time of purchase.
    • Entirely new level of convenience for passengers.
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