Switchio is helping ComGate to expand payment terminal possibilities

Bringing the advantages of smart payment systems
Switchio payment app

A payment gateway with over 50 payment methods, 100 online platforms for easy integration, and 7,000 satisfied customers across Czechia and Slovakia – these are some of ComGate’s impressive numbers. Now the payment gateway is developing its own network of payment terminals, and Switchio’s PAYA app is there to make it possible. Find out what contactless payments mean for ComGate and what benefits they bring. 

ComGate is a successful Czech payment facilitator that has been active in internet commerce for more than 20 years. Now, thanks to Switchio’s certified and secure payment app PAYA, which has been paired with NEXGO smart POS terminals, ComGate is expanding payment terminal possibilities and growing the company’s competitive edge. 

Together, ComGate and Switchio are changing payment transaction standards and bridging the advantages of paying on the internet and in traditional brick and mortar shops. Our collaboration is also bringing the advantages of smart payment systems to a wide range of service providers, such as SMI, general contractors, self-employed individuals, and others. 

The payment system can be used in traditional retail shops as well as outdoor locations like swimming pools, cultural venues, music festivals and so on.

The PAYA app accepts and authorises all common payment cards as well as digital wallets 

With our app, a NEXGO payment terminal can process payments with VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard and Maestro cards. The system also supports payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay as well as meal cards. 

The application functions in three modes: 

  1. Stand alone – direct transaction processing via terminal 
  2. ECR – connection to third party applications that have been installed on the terminal 
  3. GSA – link to cash register systems 

GSA and ECR are standard interfaces within the PAYA app. They become activated by the payment facilitator in the Terminal Management System. PAYA also ensures payment authorisation according to the highest PCI DSS security standards.

What are the advantages for ComGate? 

  • Our smart solution makes for simple transaction management. 
  • The multifunctional terminal system offers the option of a fixed connection or a Wi-Fi/ mobile data connection. Extras include a docking station – with a charging facility, Wi-Fi hotspot or multifunctional options.  
  • The app offers all typical functions including sale, refund, cancellation, pre-authorisation, tips and others. 
  • Other applications can be installed on the terminal, such as warehouse management, etc. 
  • It is easy to connect to a cash register, with a current selection of 100 cash register systems.
  • Payment data is imported into accounting systems almost instantaneously. 
  • Overview on the Merchant Portal assists with transaction monitoring and assessment through various modifications and filters. All data is refreshed every 10 seconds.   
  • There is also the Secure portal, which resolves all questions and requests.

Interested in joining ComGate in exploring the benefits of our application and smarter payment systems? Get in touch and we’ll get you started. 

“We are very satisfied with the solution. The big advantage is the flexibility: new features we requested were developed really quickly.”

Pavla Pastyrikova
Head of Product management
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