The MOL Group has switched to Switchio

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The MOL Group has switched to Switchio

In early 2000, the highly popular and commercially successful MOL Group was facing the challenge of harmonizing card payments across their vast network. Bank cards were being processed on one terminal and fleet cards on another, creating unwanted inefficiencies. The introduction of Switchio has greatly simplified electronic payment processing, as one single terminal is now able to accept a multitude of cards. And that’s just one of the many benefits offered by Switchio, an independent software platform for managing electronic payments under one flexible system.

Over the next four years, the MOL Group will update and unify its portfolio of payment terminals and centralize the processing of all electronic transactions. This will greatly simplify the processing of electronic transactions across the group’s network of 1,900 service stations. The Switchio payment switch will be delivered to the network through the Software As A Service model. 

The Ingenico Tetra hardware platform for indoor and outdoor points of sales forms an integral part of the new processing system. Switchio will support several thousand hardware terminals and process millions of electronic transactions each month. 

The Switchio Advantage

Each month the Switchio platform processes millions of payments in the transport, parking and retail sectors, lowering costs for providers and enabling faster, flexible and more economical payment options for commuters and retail customers.

Key benefits for MOL

  • Centralized platform – all electronic transactions are processed on one central platform
  • POS management system – the terminal network can be managed remotely
  • Fee optimization – centralization leads to fewer transactions and cost savings
  • Authorization switch – secure processing of transactions per PCI DSS EMV standards, administration of network keys, and storage of detailed information about completed transactions  
  • Terminal software for accepting bank cards, fleet cards and value-added services – the software accepts bank cards, fleet cards, loyalty program cards, mobile phone credit top-ups and highway toll stamps
  • Admin and merchant portals – back-office portals enable system oversight and provide detailed transaction reports; guaranteed 24/7 access
  • Acquirer independence – ability to change acquirers easily or to work with multiple acquirers  
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Preview Switchio in Bavaria - IDBT
IDBT in Bavaria
After months of careful planning and preparation, and in cooperation with Mastercard, Telematrik, and Mikroelektronika, Switchio is pleased to announce the launch of ID-based ticketing (IDBT) in Freyung-Grafenau, Germany. This exciting project is on track to give passengers in the region an entirely new transit experience, one with a focus on convenience thanks to simplified digital ticketing.
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Switchio & Tomra
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