Going cashless to your favourite concert venue

cEMV payments - the world of culture and arts
cEMV payments -  the world of culture and arts

Switchio is taking part in a pilot program for accepting cashless payments at cultural events, partnering with payment facilitator Pay No Pain and event organiser and technology supplier Easy Go Band. In the first round of the pilot, Switchio has delivered the PAYA terminal payment system and 70 Nexgo N3 SMART POS terminals that will be used at various concert venues.

  • The POS terminal features excellent battery life and a colour touch screen, and accepts all common payment methods. It can run third-party applications and accepts Mifare cards as well as regular EMV payment cards
  • Switchio’s own PAYA payment app communicates with the POS system and is perfectly secure.

How do contactless payments at cultural events work?

The “ticket” to the event is a digital wristband, which visitors receive at the entrance. Visitors then use a terminal to charge the wristband with any amount of money from their bank card. The wristband can be used to pay for all purchases at the event, streamlining payments for the organizer as well as food and merchandise vendors.

Benefits of using Switchio’s ready-made payment platform at cultural events

  • Our comprehensive payment solution can be used at any festival, concert or event.
  • Thanks to fast payment processing, visitors pay in seconds and there are no long queues for purchasing merchandise or refreshments.
  • With everything built on cashless payments, visitors don't need to carry cash.
  • Digital wristbands can be recharged easily at any time.
  • Our tokenization service protects visitors from hackers, as the customer’s primary account number (PAN) is substituted with an anonymous token so that hackers cannot gain access to sensitive data.

Want to know more about Switchio’s solution and platform? The cultural calendar is beginning to fill up again, so let’s talk.


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