Cashfree on a cruise? Aye, aye, captain!

Sailing cashfree on Scenic cruises
Sailing cashfree on Scenic cruises

Not even water stands in the way of digitalisation. Switchio has partnered with Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours to offer contactless payments on Scenic cruises, making it easier than ever before to pay for Scenic’s renowned luxury experience!

Scenic offers unforgettable cruising experiences and transatlantic voyages on world-class ships. Scenic Eclipse, the company’ flagship, boasts 6-star luxury and service that will take you to places others can only dream of. The world’s first discovery yacht, Scenic Eclipse has been designed to deliver the ultimate experience of a lifetime, complete with helicopter and submarine excursions.


Length: 168m
Guests: 228 (200 in polar regions)
Suites: 114
Crew: 176 (192 in polar regions)
Speed: 17 knots
Gross tonnage: 17,085

Sailing cashfree on Scenic cruises

Thanks to a partnership with Switchio, the entire Scenic fleet, including the flagship Scenic Eclipse, are now equipped with contactless payment technology including PAX A920 payment terminals and Switchio’s PAYA payment application. When onboarding a ship, a customer taps their card on the terminal to pre-authorise their account. While the ship sails, all charges incurred on the ship are added to the customer’s pre-authorised account. When the cruise is finished and the customer disembarks, all of their purchases are automatically billed to their bank account.

Thanks to Switchio’s payment platform, customers travelling on Scenic cruises don’t need to worry about carrying cash or card throughout their voyage. They can enjoy the services and merchandise available on their cruise and be comforted by the knowledge that their bank account details are secure with the help of Switchio’s tokenization service. Payments for goods and services are processed in seconds, eliminating queues during embarking, disembarking or purchasing

Highlights of Switchio’s contactless payment technology

  • The payment terminal selected for Scenic cruises features a 5” touchscreen with Android software, an EMV chip card, contactless and magstripe reader, a built-in receipt printer, front and back cameras for easy barcode scanning, and 4G and WiFi connectivity.
  • Switchio’s PAYA payment app communicates with the company’s POS system and is perfectly secure.
  • The solution also includes a merchant portal, which provides a live refresh of all transaction data every 10 seconds as well as custom modifications and filters. 
  • Thanks to our professional team and a wide range of business partners, Switchio can provide everything you need to make contactless payments a reality.

Interested in sailing the world’s seas with Switchio’s contactless technology? Get on board and we’ll take care of the rest.