Travel with ease with your Smart Phone, Smart Watch or even a microchip

Contactless payments are growing in popularity
Travel with ease

Contactless payments are growing in popularity across all areas of business. Contactless bank cards were in common use even before the coronavirus pandemic, but physical distancing measures have made them ubiquitous. This bodes well for the growing trend of contactless ticketing in public transport.

Contactless bank cards – both physical cards as well as virtual cards on smart devices – enable public transport providers to simplify the ticketing process. Imagine the freedom to travel on public transport with nothing more than your bank card, smart device or even a subcutaneous microchip. There’s no need to purchase a ticket beforehand – just tap your physical or virtual card and go. Taking several trips a day? If there is a daily ticket option that would result in cost savings, the system will automatically charge the most economical fare. With the Switchio ticketing platform, paying for public transport has never been easier, safer or more economical. 

With no tickets to print and no vending machines to maintain, digitalization brings another major benefit: reduced costs for transport providers. Switchio’s experience shows that digitalization yields ticketing cost savings of almost 85%. These significant savings can be passed on to passengers or used to invest in greener transport options. When designing a digital ticketing solution, Switchio works in line with transport providers’ existing pricing policies. 

Switchio’s payment platform is PCI DSS compliant and meets all security and functional requirements of VISA (MTT) and MasterCard (PAYG) bank cards. With origins in the banking sector, we are experts in data security and payment technology and are able to offer the most effective payment solution in our class. Visit to learn how easy ticketing in public transport can be.

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Monet+ is pleased to announce an exciting new collaboration between two of its key divisions, Switchio and ProID. Today, digitalization and security are key to success in most types of business. This partnership represents a major milestone in the company’s efforts to advance digitalization and security to new levels, with each division providing unique experience and expertise.
We’re thrilled to announce that our Switchio platform has gained the PCI P2PE Solution and PCI P2PE DMS Component validation, putting our company among only a handful in the world to offer a PCI P2PE-validated payment solution.