Switchio attends Money 20/20 Europe.

Switchio in Amsterdam
Kamil and Alon

Switchio, a provider of modern and secure software platforms for payment facilitation in the retail industry, announces the participation of its esteemed experts, Alon E. Bigler and Kamil Hanacek, at the highly anticipated Money 20/20 Europe event.

Money 20/20 Europe

As a dynamic and forward-thinking company, Switchio remains dedicated to revolutionizing the retail sector with cutting-edge payment solutions. Money 20/20 Europe is the perfect platform for the company's representatives to showcase their innovative offerings and network with industry leaders. Alon E. Bigler, VP for international business development of Switchio, and Kamil Hanacek, Executive director of Switchio, will bring their wealth of expertise and industry insights to the event, further solidifying Switchio's position as a leader in the payment facilitation landscape.

Event of many opportunities

The Money 20/20 event offers unparalleled opportunities for collaboration and growth. By participating, Switchio aims to leverage its presence to forge valuable partnerships and explore emerging trends and technologies that will shape the industry's future. With an impressive lineup of industry influencers, thought leaders, and visionary startups, Money 20/20 Europe presents an ideal setting for Switchio to connect with potential clients, investors, and strategic allies.

Switchio's innovative software platform enables businesses in the retail industry to enhance their payment processes, delivering a seamless and secure customer experience. With a focus on modernization and efficiency, Switchio empowers companies to adapt to evolving market demands while ensuring compliance with the latest security standards. By participating in Money 20/20 Europe, Alon E. Bigler and Kamil Hanacek will highlight the immense benefits of Switchio's services to a global audience, solidifying the company's reputation as a game-changer in the payment facilitation space.

Switchio is part of this event

"We are thrilled to participate in Money 20/20 Europe and have the opportunity to engage with industry leaders and visionaries," said Alon E. Bigler, VP for international business development. We look forward to forging new partnerships and driving the industry forward."

Alon E. Bigler and Kamil Hanacek will be available for one-on-one discussions, sharing insights and discussing how Switchio can help businesses thrive in an increasingly digital world.

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Monet+ is pleased to announce an exciting new collaboration between two of its key divisions, Switchio and ProID. Today, digitalization and security are key to success in most types of business. This partnership represents a major milestone in the company’s efforts to advance digitalization and security to new levels, with each division providing unique experience and expertise.
We’re thrilled to announce that our Switchio platform has gained the PCI P2PE Solution and PCI P2PE DMS Component validation, putting our company among only a handful in the world to offer a PCI P2PE-validated payment solution.