Putting the sexy in public transit with open-loop ticketing

open-loop is the way
Open-loop payments

Urbanites have long enjoyed the simplicity, seamlessness, and security of contactless payments in their day-to-day retail interactions, so it should come as no surprise that they want a similarly modern and convenient experience as they move about the city on public transit.

Switchio Transport

Here we highlight 3 of the top sweeteners for passengers when transit agencies unleash the freedom and flexibility of open-loop (cEMV) ticketing.

A passenger experience for a modern lifestyle

Paper tickets had their horse-and-buggy moment a long time ago. For many tech-savvy urban dwellers, the replacement of paper ticketing with a modern cEMV platform represents a major upgrade to their overall user experience. 

No cash, no hassle, no waiting in line

Many passengers already have a bank card or virtual wallet with them everywhere they go. In today’s increasingly digital world, the idea of withdrawing cash and queuing up to buy paper tickets is out of fashion. 

Simple fares and control over the cost of travel

Open-loop payments let riders track what they’re spending on travel. Moreover, fare capping ensures they’re never overcharged, and it saves them from having to study confusing fare charts and prepaid card schemes.

Switchio is committed to giving the world’s commuters a modern fare payment experience in which their bank card becomes their ticket. Our modular platform lets transit agencies and integrators roll out contactless EMV acceptance with ease and minimal upfront cost.

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In October, Team Switchio is hitting the road. Specialized conferences and meetings with industry experts will provide opportunities to meet in person and discuss the latest trends driving the transformation of public transport.
In a groundbreaking move intended to jump-start the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, the European Union is introducing new rules requiring charging stations to be located every 60 km along main transport corridors. Moreover, stations will now be required to offer easy and universal contactless bank card payment options.