Merchant Payments Ecosystem 2023 – showcasing the latest trends in retail

Retail trends

Another prestigious payments industry event, Merchant Payments Ecosystem 2023, is right around the corner, and Switchio will be there.

Sharing experiences, knowledge, and trends with other industry leaders is essential to our company culture. Collaborations with major companies in the industry, such as Mastercard and Visa, allow us to offer our clients a unique service that helps them adapt to new trends faster and easier.

How to take advantage of new trends

Keeping an eye on new trends allows companies to better prepare for and withstand market fluctuations. In recent years, we’ve seen several global crises that have underscored the importance of looking several steps ahead and being ready for any and all eventualities.

“At Switchio, we want to offer our clients services that will help them grow while ensuring stable and secure payments. Our retail platform allows them to connect easily with any acquirer and adapt to individual needs,” says Alon Bigler, Switchio’s VP for retail.

The safety of the data is crucial

Increasingly sophisticated attacks and new techniques from cyber thieves place enormous demands on payment security.

Magnetic strips on payment cards have been replaced by chips and digital wallets that are secured by fingerprint or face screening.

Our platforms provide superior security, and our clients can sleep easy without worrying about their customers’ money. By choosing the right platform, terminals, and acquirers, we can create a near-impenetrable wall to prevent the loss of sensitive data and information.

Security and compassionate data are key themes that will resonate through this conference. We’re pleased to share the latest developments with our colleagues and provide the best possible security for our clients.

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In October, Team Switchio is hitting the road. Specialized conferences and meetings with industry experts will provide opportunities to meet in person and discuss the latest trends driving the transformation of public transport.
In a groundbreaking move intended to jump-start the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, the European Union is introducing new rules requiring charging stations to be located every 60 km along main transport corridors. Moreover, stations will now be required to offer easy and universal contactless bank card payment options.