Switchio will be one of the exhibitors at UITP 2023 in Barcelona

UITP Summit
UITP Summit Barcelona

The UITP Global Public Transport Summit is one of the most important events for experts in the transportation industry. Switchio will be there presenting its solution and vision for the future of public transportation.

Focus on sustainable mobility

Cities and people are the key focus of the program. Professionals will discuss the latest insights on automation, cybersecurity, and other solutions bringing society closer together and making it greener too. 

Urban mobility plays a significant role in public transportation. The summit will seek answers to questions on how to improve accessibility to essential services and social inclusion. 

Open-loop solutions open the door to smart cities

Contactless open-loop payments result in better performance metrics. Surveyed agencies have pointed to increased rider throughput and satisfaction as the two most remarkable performance improvements from using an open-loop ticketing system.

Urbanites have long enjoyed the simplicity, seamlessness, and security of contactless payments in their day-to-day retail interactions. So, it should be no surprise that they want a similarly modern and convenient experience as they move about the city on public transit.

UITP Summit

Hop on board with Switchio

Discover the exceptional experience we have prepared for you at booth 6E210, where our team will happily take you through the Switchio world of open-loop ticketing.

In addition to meeting in person with the Switchio team, visitors will see an interactive presentation and compelling case studies. 

The experience will culminate with brunch at our booth on 5 June 2023 at 11 am.
See you at UITP 2023!

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In October, Team Switchio is hitting the road. Specialized conferences and meetings with industry experts will provide opportunities to meet in person and discuss the latest trends driving the transformation of public transport.
In a groundbreaking move intended to jump-start the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, the European Union is introducing new rules requiring charging stations to be located every 60 km along main transport corridors. What’s more, stations will now be required to offer easy and universal contactless bank card payment options.