In-person payments: a unified solution for Europe’s EV charging market

EV-C & Gas payment harmonisation
EV-C & Gas payment harmonisation

When it comes to paying to recharge, owners of electric cars want the same level of convenience as petrol drivers. But to many, that seems an unattainable desire as e-mobility picks up speed and the charging market morphs into an increasingly fragmented mess of different sign-ups, subscriptions, fleet cards, incentive programs, and loyalty schemes. Why can’t EV drivers simply pull in and pay to recharge with their bank card the way ICE drivers pay to pump gas? Never has the need for a unified payment processing ecosystem within a given segment been greater.

Driving change in the fuel market

The rapidly increasing number of electric cars on European roads demands accelerated development of infrastructure coupled with seamless interoperability. The push is coming not just from EV drivers and fleet operators but from within the EU itself, with the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) expected to come into force next year.

What is AFIR and what does it mean for petrol and charging stations?

Part of the EU’s plan for a green transition, the so-called Fit For 55 package, the AFIR mandates all EU member states to achieve specific power output targets at public charging stations. It also calls for construction of fast-charge stations every 60 km along main transport corridors.

Of key importance for EV owners, however, is an obligation to equip all public charging stations with cEMV card readers.

One platform, one terminal, dozens of payment methods

Transforming the EV charging payment landscape into a single, efficient system should be the ultimate goal of any future regulation, and markets should start preparing now.

Enter Switchio. Our comprehensive platform for in-person payments is designed around a core idea: less fragmentation in EV charging equals faster growth in e-mobility.

The Switchio platform processes contactless payments made by EMV, smartphone, or fleet card on more than 40 different types of point-of-sale devices, and it also supports loyalty and incentive schemes. Switchio condenses the EV-charging ecosystem into a single, sleek system for easy implementation throughout the EU at both attended and unattended stations. The solution can also be readily deployed at parking facilities.

EV-C payments

Enter Switchio 

Our platform is designed around a core idea: less fragmentation = more convenience. Capable of processing card, smartphone, smartwatch, fleet card, and other types of contactless payments and compatible with more than 40 different types of POS devices, the Switchio solution brings everything together in a singular payment system for petrol and EV charging stations that can be easily deployed throughout Europe. Moreover, it processes parking payments too. 

Long story short – if it’s a cashless payment, we’ve got it covered. 

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On June 18–19, 2024, Switchio is attending the Power2Drive Conference at ICM München.
Monet+ is pleased to announce an exciting new collaboration between two of its key divisions, Switchio and ProID. Today, digitalization and security are key to success in most types of business. This partnership represents a major milestone in the company’s efforts to advance digitalization and security to new levels, with each division providing unique experience and expertise.

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