Switchio respects and supports the fast-growing trend of contactless payments and offers solution for a full range of HW platforms. 

You’re sitting in your car at a service station, waiting to fill up and thinking about getting something to eat or drink. Before COVID you wouldn’t think twice about walking into the services station and paying for your ‘fill-ups’ in cash. But during a pandemic you’re not so sure. How can service stations respond to your dilemma? The answer lies in contactless payments. Discover the advantages of contactless payment systems for service stations the world over.
Tokenization is superseding encryption as the way to keep your data and payments secure. Explore the benefits of this data protection method and why tokenization is critical if retailers and transit providers want to provide contactless payment options.
Unless you are a fare dodger, you don’t travel on public transport without a ticket. But the arrival of social distancing and other pandemic-related measures presents a worldwide dilemma – how to ensure our safety in something as mundane as buying a daily bus ticket? The answer lies in contactless ticketing.
As the world continues to grow and urbanize, many cities will face transportation challenges. City governments will need to ensure the safety and effectiveness of public transport while addressing the growing demand for services. How can cities effectively manage the moving large masses of people from one place to the next?
The Transport Ticketing Global Summit will be digital in 2021, with the physical event in London rescheduled to February 2022!
Contactless payments are growing in popularity across all areas of business. Contactless bank cards were in common use even before the coronavirus pandemic, but physical distancing measures have made them ubiquitous. This bodes well for the growing trend of contactless ticketing in public transport.