Switchio respects and supports the fast-growing trend of contactless payments and offers solution for a full range of HW platforms. 

In a world where urban commuters are increasingly demanding speed, security, and convenience in public transit, Visa certified Ready for Transit partners are committed to providing the latest in cEMV payment technologies in line with Visa’s exacting global quality and reliability standards.
Mastercard’s Transit Partner Program is an extensive global network of urban mobility experts and technology providers working within a framework of established global standards to accelerate the adoption of contactless EMV payments in public transportation by removing barriers to implementation.
Transport Ticketing Global is the world's largest public transport forum event for smart ticketing and mobility professionals. This year’s 14th edition features an amazing lineup of top transport experts and other leading industry speakers from 71 countries. 
Switchio is pleased to announce that it will be taking part in IT TRANS, the leading international conference and trade fair devoted to digital innovation in transportation.
The relentless growth of urban populations around the world presents unique challenges to public transit agencies. Cities everywhere are turning to new technologies to help ensure the smooth movement of citizens throughout their networks.
You’re sitting in your car at a service station, waiting to fill up and thinking about getting something to eat or drink. Before COVID you wouldn’t think twice about walking into the services station and paying for your ‘fill-ups’ in cash. But during a pandemic you’re not so sure. How can service stations respond to your dilemma? The answer lies in contactless payments. Discover the advantages of contactless payment systems for service stations the world over.