Switchio respects and supports the fast-growing trend of contactless payments and offers solution for a full range of HW platforms. 

Switchio, a provider of modern and secure software platforms for payment facilitation in the retail industry, announces the participation of its esteemed experts, Alon E. Bigler and Kamil Hanacek, at the highly anticipated Money 20/20 Europe event.
The UITP Global Public Transport Summit is one of the most important events for experts in the transportation industry. Switchio will be there presenting its solution and vision for the future of public transportation.
Urbanites have long enjoyed the simplicity, seamlessness, and security of contactless payments in their day-to-day retail interactions, so it should come as no surprise that they want a similarly modern and convenient experience as they move about the city on public transit.
With the number of electric vehicles in Europe projected to top 40 million by 2030, and the European Parliament recently authorizing a law banning sales of new internal combustion vehicles in the EU by 2035, e-mobility is on the cusp of a golden age. But a reliance on closed-loop payments among EV charge point operators (CPOs) could see many of them fall by the wayside.
One of the key takeaways for transit agencies? Contactless open-loop payments result in better performance metrics.
Another prestigious payments industry event, Merchant Payments Ecosystem 2023, is right around the corner, and Switchio will be there. Sharing experiences, knowledge, and trends with other industry leaders is essential to our company culture. Collaborations with major companies in the industry, such as Mastercard and Visa, allow us to offer our clients a unique service that helps them adapt to new trends faster and easier.