Payment switch

The payment switch is a server providing services for bank cards. It is a central component for the collection of all transactions from payment terminals (concentrator).


Authorization core module

A central component for the collection of all payment transactions. Sends payments to different processing centers based on configured business rules. Receives and concentrates all transactions from the terminal network. Acts as an authorization switch for routing transactions.

  • Transaction authorization
  • Transaction routing via an H2H connection to the selected processing center
  • Ability to connect terminal networks of various partners
  • Terminal network key management (shielded from authorization center keys)
  • Transaction verification and risk management modules that excelled in high-risk environments
  • Resilient, scalable performance (millions of transactions per day)

The robust authorization architecture guarantees processing of several thousand transactions per minute while guaranteeing high availability in HA mode. Switchio® core authorization module is fully subject to PCI-DSS certification.

Core module provides

Protocol translation
Transaction processing
Shielding the terminal‘s key management system
Stores the logs of executed transactions

Mapping ability

Merchant ID, Org unit ID, Terminal ID
Response code & text messages

Supported protocols

Customer tailor-made

Routing rules ability

Card number (BIN range)
Location (Network, Merchant)
Payment identificators (Amount, Transaction count, Currency)
Transaction type

Supported authorization mode

Single message
Dual message

Acquiring partners

switchio_web_logo_american_express (2)

Transport core module

It ensures batch verification of transaction using Account Verification Request (AVR) for Visa cards and pre-authorization for MasterCard cards. Authorization from offline transactions is transmitted from terminals. Results of the AVR process are transmitted in intervals to the Fare Collect module to settle transactions and the Fare blacklist module for regular updates of blacklists.


The module features sophisticated systems to manage risks and optimize authorization requests based on configurable parameters specific to bank card acceptance in transport ticketing solutions.

  • Risk management function
  • Fare Blacklist function
  • Fare Collect functions
  • Automatic debt recovery process

Account base ticketing offers the opportunity for schemes and transport operators to move the fare calculation software and logic away from the card reader to the back office (or ‘cloud’) where the account of the traveller also resides.

So the various modules, such as fare calculation, always have access to every existing data set within the system. This allows the tariff system to be designed in a completely dynamic and flexible way, without the passenger’s active involvement in the processes.

Electronic ticket / E-ticket - an electronic ticket system is a more efficient method of ticket entry, processing, and marketing for transport industries.

Admin portal

Secure Admin Portal is a web portal intended for our partners using the Switchio® platform. It serves the hotline and first-level helpdesk to track detailed transaction status. Tabs – Dashboard, Terminals, Reports, Cluster, Source channel, Issuers, Administrator.

Transport web

For transport partners. Serves for support team and provides detailed information about:

  • Taps & transactions
  • Blacklists
  • Card Tokens
  • Payment terminals
  • Reports

Admin web

For retail and other partners. Serves for support team and provides detailed information about:

  • Merchants
  • Transactions
  • Cluster
  • Payment terminals
  • Reports

Merchant portal

Merchant Web Portal is a web portal intended for merchants using the Switchio® platform.

Ikona dasboard
  • Customizable data exports
  • Transaction management via web portal
  • Support of all acquiring services
  • Customizable data exports
  • Intuitive user interface

Each registered merchant or branch has the opportunity to view all operations performed on its terminals. The Merchant Web Portal works with its own database (MW DB) where sensitive data is not held.

Transaction overview:
Possibility of filtration according to many parameters (date, location, payment details, transaction details,..) including options to visualize and export electronic receipts.

  • See payments at any time.
  • Your customer transactions.
  • Verify successful acceptance of transactions.
  • Look in the financial data.
  • Sort information by individual payments, data transactions, data payments, locations, payments, terminals, etc.
  • All financial data for all (or selected) branches.
  • Analyze data, export and download financial information to your computer, and perform data and transactions using common programs.
  • The application allows you to manage and add users who view information about your company (store managers, accountants, etc.).

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