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switchio.city is a ready‑made solution for contactless EMV and private cards acceptance in public transport, parking and any other self‑service payment scenario like vending machines, municipal fees, entrance etc. switchio.city offers flexibility, operational savings and improved user experience to transport integrators, validator manufacturers and forward-looking municipalities.

Transport module

A processing system for frictionless payment in public transport using an EMV contactless card or a proprietary transport card of your choice.

Main features

  • Full benefits of the transit (offline) according to VISA MMT Certification
  • High passenger throughput: transaction processing at <1 second prevents crowding
  • A paperless & contactless solution, with a paper ticket option
  • Multiple fare models - check‑in, check in/check out, long term tickets
  • Terminal application & management with wide range of supported HW platforms
  • Transaction data reporting via .xls/.csv exports, web portal or API


Rapid deployment of our ready‑made solution
(typically within 3 months)

Operational cost reductions
(batch transaction processing, reduced handling of cash)

Variable pricing schemes
(flat fares, check‑in/check‑out, long-term tickets)

Simple integration with any acquirer
or processing centre

Flexibility with Software as a Service (SaaS)
business model

Parking payment module

A modular payment system for EMV and private cards acceptance at parking terminals, payment kiosks, vending machines or mobile payment platforms. Switchio.city is a perfect fit for all urban self‑service payment scenarios, e.g. for parking, municipal fees, shared mobility, entrance fees and charging stations.

Main features

  • An open‑loop (EMV) contactless payment switch, with a closed‑loop option
  • Effortless integration with transit or parking operators and local acquirers
  • A paperless & contactless solution with a paper ticket option
  • Terminal application & management with wide range of supported HW platforms
  • A fast and flexible connection to any processing centre or acquirer


A ready‑made, easily implemented solution compatible with various types of payment terminal

Variable pricing schemes
(check‑in/check‑out, long‑term tickets)

A flexible Software as a Service (SaaS)
business model

Rapid deployment of our ready‑made solution
(typically within 3 months)

Smoothly roll‑out with our experienced
on‑site team

Solution architecture

Main features

Terminal layer

  • A payment application for the acceptance of contactless EMV cards (MasterCard PayPass, VISA PayWave) and MIFARE cards (ISO/IEC 14443)
  • Terminal management system with Terminal API
  • Support for a wide range of HW platforms: Ingenico, Verifone, PAX, Terminal Technologies, etc.

Central switch layer

  • An authorization switch – a central component for fare collection via payment terminals. Transaction routing via an H2H connection to the selected processing centre
  • Terminal network key management (shielded from authorization centre keys)
  • Transaction verification and risk management modules that have been proven in high‑risk environments

Management and reporting layer

  • A Terminal Management System for the monitoring, maintenance and remote management of application parameters and security keys
  • A fully customized transaction log - sorted by token detail, transaction type, terminal, payment window, etc.
  • Stoplist (blacklist) management
  • Transaction data reporting via .xls/.csv exports, API or custom portal

Our core technology

At the heart of our modular solution is the Switchio platform - payment processing hub that enables merchants, card issuers, acquirers and payment facilitators a flexible acceptance and routing of EMV and private card payments.



Over 20 years’ experience in transaction processing software development

Successful deployments across the globe
(in South America, Africa and Europe)

PCI DSS and EMV compliant solutions

Experienced in‑house development

A locally deployed, highly dedicated team

24/7 service desk, constant maintenance and
development of our solutions

ISO 9001 certified provider

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